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Vampire Facelift


Vampire Facelift Treatment in Gurgaon
03 Sep

Vampire Facelift

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With age, it is typical for a person's facial appearance to change in terms of skin texture and even shape. Eyebrows may seem droopy, cheeks appear to be sunken and can lose their fullness and firm look. Fine lines and creases are common along with deep grooves that may appear on the face giving the overall appearance a haggard or tired look.

With advanced medical practices and the evolution of technology in the industry, anti-aging treatments have been revolutionized. There are various effective and safe medical treatments available to defer the signs of aging with minimal discomfort. Vampire facelift is one such treatment that provides a safe solution for age-related concerns. The procedure gives the best results when performed by an expert medical professional in medically verified settings. 

What is Vampire facelift?

In vampire facelift therapy, Growth factors are extracted from the patient's own blood. It is an active and biologically withdrawn substance that is loaded with growth factors that can be administered in a very simple, safe, quick, and minimally invasive manner. It is always better to consult a skin specialist and know all about the procedure well in advance. In this process, the patient's blood is employed to slow down the ticking age clock. 

At Aster Dermatology, we extend an array of proven anti-aging treatments in Gurgaon to give our patients a rejuvenated look and timeless glow. To know more about Non Surgical Facelift in Gurgaon book an appointment today!

The vampire facelift sometimes is also known as vampire facial or Non Surgical Facelift. With vampire facelift, a 'lift' is provided to the face by eliminating fine lines and fill in the deep creases naturally. It helps restore firmness and also brightens skin tone. 

 Vampire facelift offers:

  1. Restoration of volume and shape
  2. Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Rejuvenated appearance 
  4. Improvements in skin tone and texture

How is Vampire facelift performed?

The vampire facelift is a treatment that begins with withdrawing a patient’s blood. The withdrawn blood is processed to extract growth factors.The processed plasma is then injected into the targeted area to smoothen out creases, manage wrinkles and rejuvenate the face. It is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments and has shown outcomes that are both safe and effective. Many Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities vouch for it. 

Is it safe? 

Since the vampire facelift is performed using the patient's blood, it is regarded as the safest procedure. It doesn't involve any animal or synthetic components, thus, eliminating the risk of any infection or allergy. Expert skin doctors may ask the patient about the history of any kind of allergies beforehand. The patient might incur mild irritation, bruising, swelling, itching, discoloration and tenderness on the treated area that subsides gradually within a day or two. We always recommend consulting a skilled medical professional first and discussing the condition along with the procedural plan and also the cost of vampire facelift in Gurgaon. 

Vampire facelift employs growth factors extracted from the patient's blood.The outcome of this therapy is natural and the fear of plastic or frozen appearance is not a concern with this line of treatment. The science behind the procedure is that damage repair is done utilizing the body's wound healing tendency. This is an innovative procedure where healing factors from the patient's blood are used to rejuvenate the facial skin and restore a youthful and younger-looking appearance. Hence, it makes for a great Non Surgical Facelift treatment, which one can avail at Aster Dermatology in Gurgaon.