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Laser Tattoo Removal


Laser Tattoo Removal in Gurgaon
02 Sep

Laser Tattoo Removal

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Getting a tattoo is super exciting but, removing it is quite a task! 

With the introduction of laser tattoo removal, regretting getting inked is a story of the past. It is the most popular technique, and an unwanted tattoo can be removed with minimal side effects. Permanent tattoo removal in Gurgaon is simply the most effective procedure and a completely safe option. 

This is a very 'in-demand' treatment and is considered as a perfect fit for any aesthetic practice which gives effective and visible results. At Aster Dermatology, we offer tattoo removal services under the supervision of trained medical experts, and our procedures are supported by advanced technological assistance. 

Benefits of laser tattoo removal procedure

  • No risk of scarring – The laser light is emitted in the process is specially formulated and doesn't destroy the healthy skin cells. This suggests that there is minimal to zero risks of scarring.
  • Gradual fading and removal of the tattoo – Laser removal treatment can effectively minimize the appearance of tattoos without any major side effects or discomfort. Get the most effective treatment at our clinic, and find out the tattoo removal cost in Gurgaon by visiting us today. 
  • Minimal recovery time – After getting the laser tattoo removal treatment, one must protect the treated skin area from the harmful ultraviolet radiation for a few days. One may experience a minimal amount of redness but these effects tend to subside within a few days of the treatment.
  • Wide removal range – Laser tattoo removal procedures work efficiently on specific tattoos sites or can cleanse the entire region of your body and remove tattoos. However, smaller tattoos require fewer pulses while larger ones need more to remove them completely.
  • Safe and proven method – Laser tattoo removal in Gurgaon is one of the safest procedural methods to remove tattoos. The risk of getting any kind of infection is minimal, and it is a very comfortable procedure. Consult our doctors and find out more about the treatment plan, techniques, and cost of laser tattoo removal in Gurgaon. 

How does it work?

Laser tattoo removal is a very popular method and gives impressive results. It removes a tattoo by splitting up the pigment shades using a high-intensity laser light beam. Laser tattoo removal procedure is one of those techniques that employ concentrated beams of laser light which are delivered at a very high frequency to remove the tattoo and the best part is that this procedure is completely non invasive. It is regulated by a focused beam of light that harmlessly removes the pigments of a tattoo. 

It is always advisable to schedule a consultation with a trained medical professional who can thoroughly examine your tattoo and advise you on the right tattoo removal process. Consult today with a tattoo removal doctor in Gurgaon and get answers to all your questions. 


How many sessions are required?

The type of procedure, laser to be used, the time required and the number of sessions is dependent on the type of tattoo, pigment color and how big or small the tattoo is. 

The number of treatment sessions one may require is purely dependent on the age, dimensions, and hue of the tattoo. Other factors like the color of the skin of the patient and how deep the pigment of the tattoo is, will also influence the removal procedure. It is often suggested that black tattoo pigment tends to absorb all laser wavelengths and responds well to the treatment, making it the most accessible and easiest color to treat. To treat tattoos of other pigment colors, a specialist suggests different lasers and varying wavelengths.

Book an appointment today at Aster Dermatology and get the best Laser tattoo removal in Gurgaon.