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Chemical Peel


Chemical Peel Treatment in Gurgaon
05 Jan

Chemical Peel

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Application of the solution/gel is advised on the treatment area for a specific duration. The peeling agent & concentration is decided properly after studying the type of skin and its condition. The skin is first cleansed properly and then the peeling agent is applied. Slight itching sensation or redness might be experienced for a few minutes. After the treatment, your skin might require exfoliation for a few weeks. Hydration and photoprotection will enhance the results.

Some of the peeling agents used are

  1. Glycolic acid peel.
  2. Mandelic acid peel.
  3. Azelaic acid peel.
  4. lactic acid peel.
  5. Salicylic acid peel
  6. TCA peel.
  7. Arginine peel.
  8. Kojic peel.
  9. Cosmelan peel.
  10. Yellow peel.
  11. Black peel.