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Paediatric Dermatology


Infants are often more prone to infections and allergies. Parents, guardians, and immediate caregivers always remain cautious and guard their little ones against distressing and uncomfortable skin concerns. As infant skin is in the developing stage, it lacks the barrier function, therefore one must take a superior advice from someone who is an experienced Paediatric Dermatologist.

The branch of paediatric dermatology is an amalgamation and well-formulated combination of both dermatology and paediatrics practices. Paediatric dermatology is that section of medical specialty which deals with the diagnosis, analysis, and treatment of diseases in infants related to hair, nails, and skin. It also deals with the related cosmetic concerns of the skin, scalp, hair, and nails. To know more about the concerns related to dermatology childcare, book an appointment at the best Paediatric Dermatology Clinic in Gurgaon.

Paediatric Skin Concerns

Dr. Niti Gaur, one of the best skin specialists in Gurgaon says - Dermatology concerns in infants, if left untreated, can cause greater distress for both the parent and the child.  Some of the major paediatric dermatology concerns are:

  1. Skin Diseases

- Atopic dermatitis (eczema)

- Birthmarks (vascular and nonvascular)

- Newborn skin infections

  1. Skin infections

- Bacterial infections

- Warts

- Molluscum

- Cold sores

- Fungal infections

- Impetigo

- Diaper rash

- Rosacea

- Scabies

  1. Genetic diseases

- Genetic skin disorders

- Dermatological effects of pediatric gastrointestinal disorders or rheumatological disorders

Except for skin infections, paediatric dermatology is extended to other severe conditions that infants are exposed to. Some of them are mentioned below:

- Hair loss in children

- Nail disorders in children

- Complex dermatology concerns in children

Consult the best Paediatric Dermatologist in Gurgaon and avail expert advice on the afore-mentioned conditions and relevant treatment plan.

At Aster Dermatologyour Paediatric Dermatologists provide effective and compassionate treatment for infants with any kind of skin, nail, or hair disorder. Our treatment ranges from the most common to complex ones. We aim to improve and enhance the quality of life with our procedural plans. Our clinic is equipped with skilled medical professionals and hard-working staff. We ensure that our patients receive the most advanced treatment programs backed by the knowledge & expertise of our dermatologist.

In most cases, Paediatric Dermatologists recommend a combination of topical and oral medications along with clinical procedures like laser therapy.

We work together to give your child the best care they need. Phototherapy is one of the effective treatments used in treating dermatology related concerns in infants. We take into consideration the site that needs to be treated and then formulate the treatment plan. We also perform skin biopsies and various other surgical excisions in case of benign and premalignant cutaneous lesions and sores.

Our treatment plans are customized, depending on the patient’s skin condition, psychological, and developmental needs after analyzing the case thoroughly. We understand the unique needs of children and practice the most advanced, proven medical, and surgical procedures for all kinds of skin conditions and issues.