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Skin Brightening


Skin Brightening
08 Sep

Skin Brightening

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Everyone desires to have smooth skin and an incredible glow. But pigmentation, acne, stress, and other environmental factors tend to steal away the glow and cause pigmentary issues. The dermatological skin brightening treatments are designed to combat all these causes effectively. There are a lot of treatment plans and approaches to choose from in order to brighten and lighten the skin like chemicals peels, laser toning, carbonated laser, photofacials, radiofrequency and other facial treatments. Various skin brightening procedures are designed to deliver bright and glowy skin to the patient. These are performed when some have an uneven tone to the skin or dull patches of skin. These procedures work by decreasing the production of melanin in the skin and allowing it to feel and look clear and rejuvenated. To know more about various skin treatments one can visit a skin brightening clinic in Gurgaon.

At Aster Dermatology, we offer a wide range of skin brightening treatments that are fully equipped with advanced medical support. Our doctors are experienced and the staff is well trained to support all kinds of medical procedures efficiently.
Skin brightening procedures are different for all patients as everyone has different skin types and the texture varies too. Hence, so should the procedures.

Treatments for Skin Brightening

1. Topical creams

- Topical medications that contain hydroquinone are often used to treat hyperpigmentation. It is a kind of bleaching agent and tends to lighten the complexion. Other medications like Corticosteroids, application of products that contain Glycolic Acid (GA), Azelaic Acid, Trichloroacetic Acid are usually prescribed by skin doctors to treat hyperpigmentation.
- Usage of pigmented creams to conceal discoloration as a cosmetic solution.
- Over the counter skin brightening creams or medications that are rich in licorice root, kojic acid, and pine tree bark extract can be recommended. Products containing vitamin C, vitamin E, genistein from soybeans, ferulic acid, polyphenols from green tea are also suggested by dermatologists in order to treat darkness of the skin.

2. Photofacial treatment

If you are struggling with dull and lifeless skin, then Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is the best option for you. This treatment involves intense laser beams to treat the targeted areas, thereby destroying the pigment. IPL involves light-based energy shots given onto the targeted sites simultaneously targeting blood vessels.

3. Chemical peels

Most dermatologists recommend a chemical peel treatment for dullness and pigmentation on the skin. There are various kinds of peels designed for different skin types and conditions. Salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and TCA peels are suggested to banish skin darkness and fight hyperpigmentation.

4. Laser Toning

Laser Toning is another treatment that works excellently in treating darkness of the skin. Laser toning is a procedure in which laser energy is employed and is penetrated into the specific layers of the skin. In this procedure, pigments are broken down which are formed as a result of sun damage and other factors. To know about the skin brightening treatment cost in Gurgaon consult a qualified dermatologist. We offer all kinds of laser-induced skin brightening procedures suitable for various kinds of skin types and skin textures. Unlike other laser resurfacing treatments, laser toning is performed using non-ablative lasers, that work by heating up the targeted tissue without destroying it. Dermatologists name it as a ‘controlled thermal injury'. This is responsible to trigger a natural response within the body to provide more collagen. Once the procedure is complete, the body’s system processes excess pigment production and leftover particles to withdraw darkness.